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President Feng Wei and His Entourage Visited BNBM PNG LTD and CNBMI Vanuatu Company

From May 13 to May 18, Feng Wei, President of CNBMI Co., Ltd. went to BNBM PNG LTD and CNBMI Vanuatu Company for inspections and guide. Huang Yuanxia, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee and General Counsel of CNBMI, accompanied the inspection.

During the inspection of BNBM PNG LTD, the Company organized a work conference, and Pan Xuan, general manager of the Company, and store managers reported on the business conditions. President Feng Wei introduced the operation results and development plans of CNBM, put forward the hopes and requirements for BNBM PNG LTD, and emphasized that employees should cultivate cadre literacy of "respect, gratitude, humility, and decent", diligently learn and improve their qualities. Secretary Huang Yuanxia said that Party members and cadres should play a leading role as a vanguard model, emphasize the importance of integrity, obedience, safety and institutionalization and process in Company operations. President Feng Wei and his party also visited the distribution center in Port Moresby and the Bali reserve plot. General Manager Pan Xuan introduced the main functions of the distribution center, the development plan of the reserve plot and the development trend of the industry. President Feng Wei highly affirmed the Company's business strategy and demanded for accelerated construction of the reserve plot.

During the inspection of CNBMI Vanuatu Company, a work conference was held in the Company and Song Ruilai, General Manager of Vanuatu Company reported the business conditions of the Company. President Feng Wei expressed his affirmation and congratulations on Vanuatu's performance growth, raised higher expectations for Vanuatu Company and demanded further strengthening of corporate culture integration and localization management. Secretary Huang Yuanxia said that it is imperative to strengthen Party building and safety education. Chinese employees should believe or spread rumors, abide by the law, preserve moral integrity, and establish a good corporate image. President Feng Wei and his party visited the store in Vanuatu capital and the conditions of the plot on which the new store would be built. President Feng Wei spoke highly of Vanuatu Company's store management and team building and presented valuable comments. 

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